100+ Abstract shapes with cool grainy gradient. Ready to use with any design dev project.

Open-Source with MIT License, Check Github

How to use?

If you have any more questions or suggestion you can reach me at @realvjy or open issue on github .

Detailed Documentation

What the hell is this?

A simple, fun project for the sake of creating some cool-looking abstract shapes with little grainy gradients crafted by realvjy. CoolShapes is a completely open-source set of 100+ abstract shapes crafted for any design and development projects. Free for both commercial and personal use.

What is the license?

Licensed under MIT. Free for both personal & commercial use.

How to use in Design project?

Grab the figma file. Or simply copy the svg and paste in your design tool (Figma, Sketch etc). You can download png as well to use anywhere.

How to use in Dev project?

You can grab react package and follow the documentation to use in your project-

1. Install package

yarn add coolshapes-react


npm i coolshapes-react

2. Import it to Your React

import { Coolshape } from "coolshapes-react"


import { Star, Star, Circle } from "coolshapes-react"

3. Here some example

<Coolshape type="star" index="1" noise="true" />

<Star noise="true" />

<Circle size="24" index="4" />

<Polygon index="1" />

made by at overlayz